Dr. Mary Lucas-Flannery

Dr. Mary Lucas-Flannery
  • Speakers Coach and Storyteller
  • Company: The Art of the Story

Hi. I’m Mary. I’m obsessed with Story.

I’m also pretty fired up about content.

I care about your content about your big ideas.

I care about about how to create effective content and actually open up new conversations.

I care about teaching you to use story and other essential strategies to grow your business and grow your influence.


I was raised in an arty family and was always an avid reader. In college, I majored in English Literature with a writing emphasis (at the glorious UW-Madison). My plan was to become a technical writer or an editor.

I did not see myself as a STORYTELLER then, because I did not understand that anyone can use story any day and in any job. I did not love writing but I knew I was pretty good at it. I had no idea what to do next.

Luckily, I stumbled into the chiropractic profession. I got a job as a recruiter (sales) for a chiropractic college and began to travel the east coast working with colleges, chiropractors and prospective students. It turned out that I was really good at breaking down information and putting people in touch with the right resources and the right people.

I was good at it because I understood the story of better health through chiropractic and I was good at relating that story to other people. I got so excited about chiropractic – that I decided to go to chiropractic school myself (which was CRAZY because I had never taken a science class that wasn’t required).

I went to chiropractic school, got married (to a chiropractor), began my practice, had three kids and chased a new dream. I got busy and forgot all about my old dreams.

But something was missing.

I loved my patients but I missed my creative side. I did some blogging and created and taught some natural birth seminars and started to reactivate my creativity. I finally noticed that I had a strong but latent marketing, communication and entrepreneurial passion (Story, story and story!). I began to find myself and align my work with ALL my passions.

Everything shifted drastically when I took a new job, working for a large chiropractic college and heading up recruitment. My talents and passions and experience were coming together and I progressed into more responsibility in marketing, events, sales, and eventually headed up the entire enrollment area.

In my jobs (currently I am the Dean of Enrollment at Life Chiropractic College West), I have learned how to use storytelling and creativity to become a better communicator and to help more people. I teach my team to do the same, using story as a key tool.

For the last few years I have been working within the entrepreneurial space coaching chiropractors and other business leaders in storytelling and I began getting booked to more and more conferences to present my content.

my workstation at Story HQ

Now I am always building a new way to play and work with story, from classes, workshops, webinars to podcasts.

I have a podcast called ADIO Radio which is filled with stories and helps people who want to know more about chiropractic. I also co-create a podcast called Pattern Interrupt for people who love to make things and create content.

At the heart of everything I have learned is STORY and STRATEGIC CONTENT.

The number one thing I’ve learned is that EVERYONE can do this when given the right information, a little instruction, some coaching and a great reason.

All the parts of my story, from my weird and wonderful artsy childhood, to my days in chiropractic practice, to my failures and my triumphs – they all come together to make my story work.

I am passionately committed to teaching you to understand and use story to move the needle in your projects, your message, your big ideas, and your life.

Let’s tell a powerful story together.